Champagnat learns to cut it


“The ultimate respect for the animal is to utilise every part of it.”

That was the message to Champagnat College Pagewood hospitality students when they were treated to a meat master class at their trade training centre by a major meat supplier to Sydney’s top restaurants.

Anthony Puharich explaining cuts.

Anthony Puharich explaining cuts.

Anthony Puharich, an old boy who is also member of the  Advisory Council of the College, employs 180 staff at his  business Vic’s Meats.

“If you can identify the 12 cuts I have laid out here, you can go  to Vic’s butcher and get free meat for a year,” joked Mr  Puharich who’s the son of a fourth generation butcher.

His lesson involved moving from the cheek to the tail of the bull  educating the students on how each part could be prepared  and cooked.

Mr Puharich chose three of the 24 Year 11 and 12 hospitality students to cook steaks for the class.

“The most interesting cut on a carcass of beef, you won’t find in any butcher shop,” he said holding up the meat that sits inside the rib cage of the animal, known as hanger steak, or in French “onglet”.

Anthony Puharich showing the rare

Anthony Puharich showing the rare “onglet” cut.

It was part of the boys’ trade training course and their first master class.

“The students are doing Certificate III qualifications in commercial operations cookery,“ said the Trade Training Coordinator at the College, Dominic Ritchie.

Hospitality Teacher Justine Jaegar said the class complements the boys’ current studies on the use of equipment for food preparation.

“We’re hoping that Anthony will be a lead-in to other master classes,” said Ms Jaegar.