Short Term Leave Application Form (up to and including 10 days)

Application for Extended Leave Form (over 10 days)

Exemption from School Form

The highest importance is placed on attendance as it is through face to face teaching, school culture as well as peer engagements that allow students to develop in a wholistic manner. The Sydney Catholic Schools Attendance Brochure can be found here.  Parents are encouraged to read the CCCP Attendance Brochure outlining all attendance procedures and including research results on the importance of regular school attendance.

Further information and links to forms for short term and extended leave, as well as exemption from school form, can be found below.

Extended Periods of Absence

Due to changes implemented by the ACARA National Standards for Student Attendance Data Reporting, the procedure for requesting exemption from attendance at school has been changed.

The Application for Extended Leave (including travel) is required for leave of 10 school days or more.

This form must be submitted 2 weeks prior to leave. Leave approval is at the Principal’s discretion.  The short and long term forms that must submitted to the Principal to request Leave can be accessed here.  Short Term Leave Application Form       Extended Leave Application Form

There is also an Exemption from School Form

Daily Attendance

It is an expectation of Champagnat Catholic College that all students are to be at school every day and participate in all College activities. If a student is sick, Student Services should be notified of this absence via the absentee number 9349-7333 before 9 am.  Unexplained absences require a written parental explanation on the student’s return. This signed note needs to be handed to the Front Office.

School functions such as Retreats, School Liturgies, Sports Carnivals, Excursions and Examinations are compulsory for students. If students are absent on these days a Doctor’s Certificate is required especially in terms of Examination and Assessments.

Sick Bay

When a student becomes ill at school they should report to the teacher immediately. At the teacher and House Co-ordinator’s discretion the student may be sent to Student Services. Students will be assessed to determine if they should be sent home. Students are not to make contact with their parents if they feel ill. Minor injuries are treated at the College. If necessary, an ambulance will be called immediately. No student will be permitted to leave the College until a parent/guardian has been contacted.

Late Arrival

It is the responsibility of all students to arrive at school on time before the first bell at 8.40 am; and to be seated in their Period One class at 8.45am. If a student arrives after the first bell, they must report to Student Services to sign in. Latecomers should provide a letter of explanation either on the day the student is late or on the following day to the Front Office. Students will be issued with a ‘late ticket’ and this must be shown to the teacher teaching their class upon entry into the class.

Early Departures

No student is permitted to leave the school grounds without permission from the school. Where a student needs to leave school early to attend an appointment they must provide a signed letter from their parents to the Front Office. Prior to going to the Front Office the note must signed by the student's House Coordinator.  It is only then that students are able to sign out at Student Services to attend this appointment.

Parents are requested to make Medical and Dental Appointments outside of school hours.

Where a student misses lessons, whether it is due to illness, excursions or any other approved leave, it is the student’s responsibility to find out what work has been missed and make the necessary arrangements to catch up.