Catholic Education Foundation

The Catholic Education Foundation has been established to honour our commitment that no child should be denied a Catholic education due to genuine financial hardship. Our mission is to provide the opportunity for all children to access a high quality Catholic education, delivered within the ethos of the Christian values.

Bursary Programs

The Catholic Education Foundation provides support through the student Bursary program. Financial support is available for those families experiencing genuine financial hardship, as well as students from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds and refugee backgrounds. Catholic Education Foundation Bursaries are available to assist eligible students from families in genuine financial need within the boundaries of the Archdiocese of Sydney. Families who qualify for a Bursary have their school payments limited to $800 per student per year.

Family Financial Information Form

Families who do not qualify for a bursary but are experiencing financial hardship are able to complete a Family Financial Information Form to determine if they qualify for other forms of financial support at the College. Families who qualify for this level of support pay school fees on a sliding scale depending on their financial position.

Fees Payable

School accounts are sent home at the beginning of Terms 1, 2 and 3 on a 30 day account. Payment can be made using Bpay, Cheque, Cash or Credit Card. A range of alternate payment plans are available. These include dividing the fees over ten equal payments from February to November. Please contact the bursar for further details. Families who qualify for a bursary or receive support through the Family Financial Information Form are required to pay their account through Centrepay. A genuine inability to meet school account charges does not exclude access to Champagnat Catholic College for a child of a family genuinely committed to Catholic faith and practice. Parents in this situation though need to ensure they contact the school to discuss finances. The system supports families with an inability to pay fees but follows normal legal processes for families unwilling to pay fees.