Explanation of the College Crest

The shield is divided into four quarters, with the cross prominent in the centre, representing the centrality of the cross in the Christian mystery of salvation.

Surrounding the cross, in the upper left quarter, is the Marist M surrounded by twelve stars. The M, in this form, was adopted by the early Marist Brothers as their special emblem, and it actually combines an A and M representing Ave Maria (Hail Mary). The twelve stars are a reference to the woman of the apocalypse, a Christian picture of Mary.

In the upper right hand corner are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, Alpha and Omega, on an open book. This is another reference from the Apocalypse, with Christ as alpha and omega, the first and last, and standing, at the centre of all our learning as the beginning and end of all our work.

The lower left quarter has the torch of learning. Long held as a sign of learning, the burning torch lights up the darkness of people's lives. Similarly, learning illuminates our minds.

The stars of the Southern Cross are in the lower right hand corner. An arrangement of stars in the southern sky, the Southern Cross is a well-known Australian symbol.