At Champagnat Catholic College Pagewood, the Vision of the School, KNOW GOD’S LOVE, is lived out in a community focused on learning, life and faith. The College takes seriously the challenge to grown people with strong minds and gentle hearts and the curriculum is designed to provide opportunities that broaden their minds to ensure they are knowledgeable and well informed citizens with a respect for others.

To KNOW is a calling to be present, to witness and to learn. This vision strengthens our commitment to educating and supporting the growth of our students as they strive for the highest standard with virtue and courage.

To facilitate learning at Champagnat Catholic College, a modern education built on a contemporary pedagogy provides opportunities for students to engage in authentic learning allowing them to collaborate, communicate, be creative and think critically about their learning in a local and global perspective. The use of digital technologies provides a platform for learning and teaching programs to foster such learning.

The process for enrolment into high school commences for most families when their child is in Year 4 or 5. At this time, students are still developing and maturing and it is impossible to tell what future employment will best suit their interests or their aptitude. One of the great strengths of Champagnat Catholic College is the flexible Senior Schooling that is offered that enables the students to complete all of their schooling within one school community, regardless of their destination, and graduate as young people well prepared for a range of opportunities post school.

Students are responsible for their own learning at Champagnat and are taught how to learn effectively. With a sophisticated Individual Career Pathway program (ICP) instituted, students from Year 7 to Year 12 are led through a range of target-setting opportunities where they are challenged to set targets in each of their courses, and put in place negotiated strategies. This process involves House Group Leaders (HGLs) individually mentoring students in understanding how to learn best, and in identifying their own individual learning needs. Importantly, students are encouraged to critically reflect on the skills required to pursue their own learning pathway. Reviewing of the targets and meeting these targets are critical to students being offered one of a number of pathways through to their HSC.

The Middle and Senior School offer a rich, relevant and wholistic curriculum that is student-centred, dynamic, flexible and challenging. Students are individually mentored in understanding how to learn and in identifying their individual learning needs and the skills required in pursuing their chosen learning pathway. Students work collaboratively with their House Group Leaders (HGLs) and other teachers to create an Individual Career Pathway (ICP) designed to ensure a successful transition into life beyond school.

Academic excellence is an ever-present goal for both staff and students. This excellence is consistently achieved through a curriculum that is both rich in diversity and broad in its depth of study, and with the support and guidance of highly qualified, professional teaching staff. The College curriculum is tailored to ensure that each individual student has the opportunity to achieve his full potential. Gifted and talented students are given the opportunity to undertake challenging and stimulating extension programs, while students with special learning needs receive extra learning support and attention.

Champaganat Catholic College has developed a Teaching and Learning Site which will be the major reference point for all students regarding assessment and matters of curriculum. Within this site, all assessment notifications and tasks will be linked and available. Additionally, each Year’s assessment schedule will be available at the beginning of each year, so that planning can be undertaken and learning timetabled and prioritised. As well as assessment schedules, each Year’s Term Planner will be available, highlighting the key dates for each term.

One of the major features, will be a series of strategies and assessment guides, tailored towards specific subjects and designed to enhance success. This Google Site has been developed with both students and parents or guardians in mind. This will be a ‘one stop shop’ for all aspects of assessment and will allow parents to easily view what their sons are doing in each of their courses and remain engaged in their learning.