School Account Charges

Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney provide an affordable option for parents seeking a faith perspective for their children's education. Catholic schools collect school fees because there is a gap between the amount of government funding received and the cost of running a Catholic school. Although Catholic schools must charge tuition fees and levies to supplement government funding, fees and charges are kept at a level that is affordable for most families. School Accounts contain four main components; Tuition Fees, Levies, School Charges and Excursions.

Tuition Fees

The School Fee is set each year by Sydney Catholic Schools on approval from the Sydney Archdiocese Catholic Schools Board in consultation with the Archbishop. This amount is collected by the College on behalf of Sydney Catholic Schools and is forwarded to Sydney Catholic Schools to assist with the payment of salaries, workers compensation, public liability, student accident insurances and other operating costs needed to run the system. A portion of the school fees are returned to the College to contribute towards our operating costs.

Fees are levied at the commencement of the year but may be paid in a lump sum, over three instalments (Terms 1, 2 and 3), monthly or fortnightly.

Stage 4   -   $1712 per a year

Stage 5   -   $1898 per a year

Stage 6   -   $2528 per a year


- School Building Levy

The School Building Levy contributes to the capital and maintenance costs of the facilities in College. This Levy is $645.00 per student per annum.

- Parents & Friends

Champagnat Catholic College’s P&F have also elected to charge a $75 fundraising levy per year in lieu of running school fundraising activities for school resources.

- Information Technology Levy

Students across the Archdiocese are also levied for the cost of IT Services borne by the school to support the Bring Your Own Device Model in operation. For 2018 this fee was $390.

School Based Charges

Service Fee

The Service Costs are set by the College in consultation with Sydney Catholic Schools and are used to pay for core subject resources, excursions, incursions, resourcing school facilities and amenities, transport costs, administrative costs and sport and recreational costs. In 2017, under the advice of Sydney Catholic Schools, this single consolidated fee now incorporates a number of items previously billed separately including Sports Levy, KLA Resource Fees, Reflection Days and some Excursions for ease of accounting and billing.

Significant fees and charges that relate to non-core subjects (not studied by all students) and significant individual charges, (including major excursions, retreats and formals) are listed as a separate individual item on the account.

In 2018 the Service Fee was: 

Stage 4   -   $1680

Stage 5   -   $1470

Stage 6   -   $1260

The Service Fee is reduced from Stage Four to Stage Five and further again from Stage Five to Stage Six. This is due to all students doing TAS, Visual Arts and Music practical courses in Stage Four, whilst in Stage Five and Stage Six, optional courses with significant practical fees are billed separately as not all students study these practical courses.

Elective Practical Curriculum


Fees and charges that relate to non-core subjects (not studied by all students) are listed as separate bill items. These generally relate to practical subjects that use additional resources.


All incursions and small excursions are included in the service fee. Overnight and larger day excursions are billed separately.