Homework Policy

Homework and study at home is fundamental to student success and helps foster a learning culture within the students.  Homework is usually prescribed work given by the teacher to be completed by students for particular courses, while study is voluntary work completed to reinforce concepts and skills.

Homework and Study is beneficial for two reasons:

1. To practice and/or revise what has been learnt in class

2. To form good study habits as students move from the Middle to the Senior School.  

The ability to study and work independently, prioritise tasks and manage workloads, thus maximising time at home, are vital skills necessary for success in post school life, regardless of pathway, profession or future study patterns. 

Suggested time guides for work at home:

      Middle School                                            Senior School

Year 7 -  1 hour per a day                      Year 10 -  2 hrs per a day/10-14 hrs per a week

Year 8 -  1.5hrs per a day                      Year 11 -  21 hrs per a week

Year 9 -  1.5-2hrs per a day                   Year 12 -  25 hrs per a week