The College has developed, along with Marist Ministries, a comprehensive Immersion program which focuses on both the Australian Indigenous experience and the more regional area of Bougainville.

Year 11 students undertake an application process to apply for these Immersion programs, with successful applicants being put through a rigorous pre-Immersion program looking at the key themes of solidarity, Catholic Social Teachings, the concept of education as well as the context and the particular issues inherent within a small group going to an unfamiliar environment.



The two Immersion experiences go to:

  • Yulara - a student and staff immersion program have been developed with students attending the Yulara immersion early in Term 4 and a staff group attending during the Term 2 holidays. This indigenous community near Alice Springs reciprocates with an immersion experience to Sydney during the course of Term 2.
  • Bougainville - set in the Bougainville hinterland, this global immersion challenges students to immerse themselves in every way within the life of the St Joseph's College, Mabiri community.  Students work through their own schoolwork whilst at this Marist school, they help the primary school students with their literacy and engage in every aspect of Bougainvillian life. .

While both immersions foster leadership and cross-cultural understandings, the immersions are also College projects and, as such, the returning students are committed to sharing their understandings and giving the Year 7 to 10 students, as well as their peers in the HSC year, pragmatic ways to live the Marist charism through these opportunities.