Diverse Learning

At Champagnat Catholic College we aim to promote and support the values and principles of inclusive education for all students.  In doing so we emphasis the celebration of diversity and see this as a core component in our approach to teaching and learning.

Diverse learning encompasses a number of different areas be it Learning Support, students from an EALD background, those needing Literacy support as well as those students who need further enrichment, extension and even acceleration.


Newman Selective Gifted Education Program

Exclusive to Sydney Catholic schools, the Newman Selective Gifted Education Program provides a clear educational pathway, underpinned by contemporary research, for identified gifted and talented students from Kindergarten to Year 12. Responding to the pace, depth and curriculum complexity required by gifted learners, students take part in a rigorous program with like-minded peers for a significant amount of time each week. This not only assists with their academic growth but also their social and emotional wellbeing. To sustain a high-quality educational program, teachers undergo training in identifying gifted students and developing curriculum differentiation strategies. All ‘Newman Selective schools’ undergo a comprehensive accreditation process every three to four years.

At Champagnat Catholic College we offer an enriched education for all students, providing encouragement and opportunities for boys to pursue talents, interests, and passions.

Some examples of structures in place for gifted students at CCCP are:

  • Ongoing whole staff teacher professional development
  • A differentiated curriculum, encompassing a range of gifted domains (including intellectual, creative, social, perceptual, and physical)
  • Skilled use of data to identify individual needs
  • The provision of a Newman Stream of like-minded students in each year group (an academically streamed class for students of high ability in several domains), taught by teachers who have undertaken professional learning in meeting the academic and social needs of these students.
  • Pre-selection processes for inclusion in our Newman Stream, including a higher ability selection test, for students prior to Year 7 entry to the College. (This preselection process is based on parent nomination:  information is available for parents upon enrolment)

Gifted and Talented

There is a capacity within the curriculum to extend students who have shown aptitude within their learning or within subjects.  

At Champagnat Catholic College students in Year 10 have the opportunity to be accelerated in Mathematics as well as Hospitality so as to put less pressure on them in their HSC year.  

In English students are supported and guided in small enrichment extension classes so as to extend their creative and analytical skills. 

Learning Support

Learning Support is offered to students through individual learning plans and/or the support of SCS. Based in the Montagne Centre, this vital support hub helps students across all areas and assists with various programs from the transition to high school orientation, the various work and community engagement opportunities, as well as assisting staff with modifying and differentiating the curriculum and assessments to meet the needs of students requiring a range of learning supports.

The support a student receives is primarily based on their level of need as determined by collaboration between parents, teachers, learning support staff, Sydney Catholic Schools and specialist advice. Learning Support may include students with Disabilities, students with Learning Difficulties, Behavioural Support, Students with Mental Health concerns, Social Skills, Anger Management, Life Skills Students, Literacy, Maths/Numeracy Support, Special Provisions, General Population (Curriculum support), Assistive Technology and students who are unable to access curriculum because of injury.

EALD & Literacy Support

The support and guidance provided for students from non-English speaking backgrounds as well as for students who are not meeting minimum literacy benchmarks is an important part of ensuring every student at Champagnat Catholic College is able to achieve their potential. 

Students are able to spend  time with a specialist teacher on a one-to-one basis as well as have the opportunity to gain assistance and support before and after school.  The purpose of these classes is to help students improve their written and oral skills, understand set texts and interpret class assignments and assessment tasks.