Retreat & Reflection Days

The College has a deep and vibrant faith life with students taking part in many formal and informal activities that focus on catechesis, evangelisation as well as ministry.  

Activities include a range of Reflection Days, guest speakers and, for Year 11 and 12, a Retreat program that focuses on the themes of servant leadership and journey.

The College Retreat Program encompasses both the Year 11 and 12 Retreats. Both retreats are held annually at 'The Hermitage' in Mittagong. These residential retreats offer our students an opportunity to be formed in leadership, spirituality, strong relationships and decisions beyond Champagnat Catholic College.


"People make this journey of life in many and varied ways, with different rhythms and intensities.  Each has a unique way of discovering the meaning of their life and choosing their response.  No matter how many detours they choose to follow, there is always an opportunity to meet and know God"


Year 12 students regularly nominate these as the key moment in their year, such is the power of the Retreat experience and the opportunity to build on their spirituality from their beginning in Year 7.