Students participate in Sport through their regular curriculum as well as once a week in a formal College Sport Program. Students have a choice of winter and summer sports and the College is a proud member of the Metropolitan Catholic Colleges (MCC) Sports organisation. With a strong reputation for representative honours across a number of sports at MCC, NSWCCC, NSW All Schools and Australian level, the College is proud of its sporting heritage.

On the links tab in this website, you will find links to the latest draws and tables for the current season MCC representative sports.

Representative Sport:

Free Choice Sport:

College Sport includes House Competitions and free choice options across a variety of venues.

For internal sport, students attend on a rotational basis the following venues: Heffron Park, Maroubra Beach, Botany Aquatic Centre and All Sorts Indoor.

Free choice sport venues include Maroubra beach, touch football and multi-sports at Heffron Park, tennis and indoor soccer at Matraville Sports Centre, skateboarding at Maroubra Skate Park, ten pin bowling at Manhattan Bowling, rock climbing at St Peters Gym, MyGym at Eastgardens as well as yard games and drama at the College.

A number of students are also high performance athletes and have a special curriculum tailored for them to assist with their representative honours.

Students excelling in the area of Sport, Training or Fitness Coaching can also take up curriculum courses in these areas and many of our students take carriage of Primary School gala days to develop their own skills and assist the broader community of Sydney Catholic Schools.