Student Leadership

Champagnat Catholic College Pagewood offers students a variety of leadership opportunities throughout both the Middle School and the Senior School. Leadership is not seen as the preserve of just those with badges, but the goal for each and every boy to be a leader of their own learning and a servant-leader for others in the way of Jesus and St Marcellin Champagnat.

Leadership is not a catchphrase or a concept but an integral and embedded part of the structure and practice of the College.  The College prides itself on its vertical house system which enables students in the Senior School to mentor and guide those in the Middle School.  

In having students from Years 7 to 12 working together, supporting each other as well as engaging in peer mentoring and learning, students at Champagnat Catholic College are able to work together as a collective body with varied experiences and knowledge so as to promote resilience and mateship within the whole student body allowing greater carriage to be taken of learning.  Boys are able to be exposed to a larger group of people which is able to take them on new avenues, that are not restricted by being in a year level and this is a key asset to the pastoral care program of the College. 

Every student has the opportunity within their House Group to support, mentor and learn from their peers.  Year 12 students are crucial in developing and facilitating a culture of peer mentoring and student leadership. 

The Year 12 cohort are the leaders of the College. From their ranks will be drawn a number of leaders who will represent the College and different facets of College life. These include:

        • College Captain
        • College Vice-Captain
        • Captain of Ministry
        • Captain of Learning
        • Captain of Wellbeing
        • Captain of Sport

These leaders are given formation opportunities throughout their time as leaders of the College. Each leader is mentored by a member of the College staff to continue to build their own leadership capacity and that of the student body.

Throughout the course of Term One, students can nominate for leadership roles across Year 7 to Year 12 on the College's Student Representative Council. This body advocates on behalf and for students; it is a listening body and a group which takes carriage and leadership on significant initiatives and College events as part of their mandate. They meet fortnightly with meetings facilitated by the College Student Leadership Team as well as a member of staff.