Principal   Mr Michael Blake  
Assistant Principal   Mr Paul MacGee  
Religious Education   Ms Tina De Souza  
Director of Curriculum   Mr Michael Cameron  
Director of Teaching and Learning   Mrs Melissa Carson  
Director of Wellbeing   Mr Craig Bissell  
Leader of Trade Training & Careers   Ms Suzanne McKay  
Business Manager   Ms Maria Soufis  



Religious Education Ms Tina De Souza  
English Mrs Melissa Carr (Acting)  
Mathematics Mrs Charlotte Buxton  
Science Mr Michael Bassil  
HSIE Ms Leila Francis (Acting)  
PDHPE Mr Dean Cohen  
CAPA Ms Catherine Surany  
TAS Mr Andrew Christoforidis  
LOTE Mr Michael Cameron  
e-Learning Technology Mr Greg Robertson  
Sport Co-ordinator Mr Daniel Levitt  
Aiken House   Mr Stephen Davidson (Acting)  
Hayes House   Mr Michael Dixon  
Houston House   Mr Mark Paterson  
Magidan House   Ms Melissa Daley  
Learning Support   Mrs Donna Costello & Mrs Debra Featherstone-Little  
Counselling   Ms Irit Ben-Nissan  
ATSI Mrs Lesley-Anne Dunn  

Support Staff:

Principal's Assistant   Mrs Joanne Kessey  
Finance   Mrs Marie Moroney/Mrs Sandra Strati  
Reception & Enrolments Registrar   Mrs Michelle Godkin  
Student Services   Mrs Julie Quigg & Mrs Maeve Newton  
Assistant to Directors of Learning & Wellbeing Mrs Julieanne Tusa
Assistant to the Curriculum Coordinator   Mrs Catherine Deguara  
Administration   Mrs Sue Pazmino  
Maintenance & Grounds Team Mr Steve Oraha & Mr Ray Faour