Brother Robert was one of the first Old Boys of the College. He was an enthusiastic Mathematics teacher and enjoyed the challenge of talented maths students. During his time at the college, Br Robert initiated the building of the present administration building and the extension to the college library. Br Robert was a strong supporter of the College Old Boys Association which became very active during his Principalship.

Br Robert is a great example of our Marist Pillar "Presence".


Brother Robert Aitken

Principal Marist

College Pagewood



Br David was responsible for the building of the Donovan Avenue Science Laboratories and the two classrooms underneath. The classrooms on the eastern side of the triangle and the Library were built during his principalship. Br David was a keen advocate for the improving of the college environment and atmosphere. He implemented extra-curricular programs which are still in place for the current College students.

His leadership was a fine example of our Marist pillar "Simplicity". 


Brother David Hayes

Principal Marist

College Pagewood

1970-1975 & 1993-1995


Br Ernest was responsible for the building of the senior classroom block located at the east end of Donovan Avenue. He was also responsible for many other improvements to the college which were funded through numerous fundraising initiatives. Br Ernest had that remarkable ability to know all of his students.

He epitomised the "family spirit" pillar of our Marist Charism.


Teacher Marist

College Pagewood





Br Ivor was a popular teacher who made Science an entertaining subject. He worked very hard for the College beyond his duties as a teacher, painting classrooms, planting trees and shrubs and assisting the local parish priests with masses. Br Ivor was remembered as being a near insomniac – patrolling the College perimeter at night when it was without fencing. His reputation extended beyond the classroom and the College as Br Ivor was well known for his support of the Missions though his can collections and his organisation of working bees for weekend detainees at Long Bay Gaol.

He epitomised the Marist pillar "love of work".

  Brother Ivor Madigan

Teacher Marist

College Pagewood